About Me

Director, Writer, Producer

I'm a freelance Film Writer, Director & Producer. I've graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Film Studies from The University of Warwick in 2016, and later with a Master's in Directing from Met Film School, UK, 2018. Since graduating, I've been focusing on developing my craft and have chosen to work on each project with the same passion that had launched me into Film many years ago. I've worked on films, adverts, music videos and documentaries. My latest short film, The Shadow of Cairo, has screened at over a dozen international film festivals; it was selected at Oscar-qualifying film festivals, Cinequest, and New York International Children's Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Jury Award for Best Short film. 
Over the years, aside directing, I've been working on producing videos for some of the biggest multinational companies, ensuring the client's needs, starting from pre-production up until final delivery, are met, exceeded, and delivered with the utmost quality.